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Zohul Malikzada

Dip PFS, Cert CII (MP)

Zohul Malikzada is dedicated to providing exceptional, bespoke financial planning to individuals and businesses in London. She thrives on finding out about each client’s specific needs and desires, and works with them to procure tailored long-term solutions. Zohul prides herself on her integrity, the high-level personal service that she offers and the quality of the advice that she gives each client. She is particularly passionate about working with women to help them look forward to an independent, secure financial future for them, their families and their businesses.


Zohul established Malikzada Financial Planning in 2019, when she was delighted to accept an invitation to join St. James's Place Wealth Management as a Partner Practice. After spending nine years working with one of the largest UK Banking Groups, she felt the time was right to develop her own practice so she could concentrate her work on her key areas of interest.

Her focus has always been in problem solving for her individual and SME clients. She spends a considerable time conducting a comprehensive financial health check, as it is only when she has complete knowledge of a client’s financial status, that she can confidently give her advice. Her goal is simple: to solve their problems, improve their financial situations and mitigate their present and future concerns.

Zohul’s comprehensive wealth management service offered is thoroughly professional, confidential and covers all areas of financial planning for individuals or SME clients. Knowing that everyone’s financial situation is unique to them, she ensures that the solutions are bespoke and appropriate for each client’s goals and aspirations. She also thinks it is vital to have a continuous professional relationship with clients, so she can help them stay on track as they move forward, whilst giving her the flexibility to develop their financial plan in line with life events, unexpected issues and any legislative changes.

The level of satisfaction of her clients can be judged by the fact that many new clients come to Zohul as a result of personal recommendation from her existing ones. She is extremely proud that she has made such a positive impact on her clients’ lives, that they go on to recommend her to their own friends and family. She could not want for a better endorsement of her work.

One of Zohul’s passions is to offer financial advice to women, empowering them to become financially independent. Unfortunately, there are still many women in society who leave all financial decisions and strategies to the men in their lives. This situation can leave these women utterly floundering financially if divorce or bereavement sadly occurs.

Her advice often starts with an education process about money, savings, pensions and investments. She hopes this will then lead to confidence for the client to be able to make better decisions, with her assistance, about how they spend. She wants them of course to enjoy the here and now, but to know that their future is also secure. These decisions would include looking at pension options, as there is still a big pension gap between men and women. She will also help them understand the possibility of investments and the potential returns these could offer.

The key for Zohul is that women can retain their independence financially and have control over their own money, so that if their circumstances change, they will be protected as they move forward. It is a sad fact that many women stay in unhealthy relationships for much longer than they should because they don’t feel they have the financial independence to be able to leave. She would love to help women avoid this situation if at all possible.

Zohul believes that all women, whatever their marital status and whether they are housewives, working for someone else or are business owners, should be able to have financial confidence and independence, and she is passionate about enabling that to happen. To that end, she also spends a lot of time giving pro bono webinars to women educating them on finance as she feels so strongly about the subject. It is this passion and strength of feeling that gives women the trust in Zohul to help, advise and support them on their financial journey ahead.

Please note: any meetings conducted are entirely confidential and without obligation.

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