Financial Education

We are accredited by St. James's Place as a specialist practice in delivering Financial Education in the workplace. 

For most businesses, the staff they employ are their most important assets. Employee wellbeing is increasingly recognised as an essential element to ensure this crucial commodity – your employees – are mentally and physically well which in turn supports the health of your business. 

A key element of overall wellbeing is financial wellbeing, but this is often overlooked or poorly supported due to lack of expertise; 

  • 59% of employees surveyed state that financial matters are their primary cause of stress.1 
  • 25% of employees have lost sleep over money worries.
  • Although 84% of employers feel there is a need for financial education among employees, 60% do not provide financial education or guidance.
  • Only 7% of employees said their employer offered face to face counselling and advice by specialist staff or external consultants.4 

The lack of provision for supporting financial wellbeing may be affecting your company; 

  • On average businesses lose £150 for every day lost through absenteeism caused by financial distress.

Davis Wealth Management Limited and St. James's Place recognise this and have developed a financial education programme to help support your employees.

For more information please contact Jodie Davis


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